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мѣнꙑ опьсаниꙗ нѣстъ
(Seen from several liturgical texts downloaded from orthlib.info, combining titlo half characters are also available, but it’s better requiring more font designers to support, especially for some authors that designed special fonts for Church Slavonic...)
мѣтъцѣ: мѣна чрѣꙁъ носимъ оустрои мѣна чрѣꙁъ носимъ сѣтьнъ обраꙁъ
[[Дѣло:Brockhaus_Lexikon.jpg |thumb|250px| Єнкѷклопєдїꙗ Брокхаоусъ · лѣто 1902]]
[[Дѣло:Ringelbergius, 'Lucubrationes...KYKLOPEDEIA...' ed. Basel 1541 original.JPG|thumb|200px|Гла́вьна страни́ца "Lucubrationes..." · прьво къниꙃѣ напьсаниѥ словєсє ''кѷклопєдїꙗ'' ѥстъ · лѣто 1541]]