О кѷрїлловицѣисправлѥниѥ

Hi, MacedonianBoy. I appreciate your effort for using Glagolitic script in this wiki, but unfortunately I have to revert your edits. At the past there were several discussions about Glagolitic script on this wiki and the desicion was to create some kind of a script convertor (as in Serbian Wikipedia), and while convertor is not being developed to use only Cyrillic script. And I don't think adding a pictures in every article instead of proper Unicode symbols is good idea. Since we are already using "rare" Unicode Cyrillic symbols, there is no point to avoid usage of actual Unicode Glagolitic letters. ОилЪ (бєсѣда) 22:52, їаноуарїꙗ 24 числа, 2013 (UTC)